Fun, Farce & Fury: Footgolf Review

My favourite sport to play: Football.

My least favourite sport to play: Golf.

But what about when these two vastly different ball games combine to form a new sport? Football and golf? Together? Yes. Footgolf exists, people.

And last weekend, myself and a few of the lads decided to try it out. Here’s the story of our Footgolf adventure.

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Kasabian Drop ‘Eez-eh’ and Album Announcement

Kasabian 48:13

New record: The artwork for the new Kasabian album, 48:13

Some Monday, this. If, like me, you were eagerly awaiting the premiere of Kasabian’s comeback single ‘Eez-eh‘, you’ll have been simply ecstatic at the spoils that were forthcoming over the course of the day.

First off, it became apparent that another track from the new Kasabian album, ‘Explodes’, was available for download in Europe, and subsequently surfaced across Twitter. It looks as though many of those links have now disappeared, but having heard the track I can confirm it’s an absolute belter. Continue reading

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Kasabian Comeback Single ‘Eez-eh’ Imminent

Kasabian - Eez-eh

Eez-eh. Picture from the Kasabian Instagram account.

The long awaited comeback of Kasabian is imminent, with new single ‘Eez-eh’ set for its premiere tomorrow. After a string of subliminal one-word messages were transmitted by the band across various social media platforms, one thing we can certainly glean from the recent activity is that Kasabian album number five is well on the way.

The messages clearly referred to the titles of the album’s 13 tracks, and it looks as though the lead single will be debuted on Monday. Posts from the Italian radio station, Radio DeeJay, seem to suggest that the track will be unveiled tomorrow. Rumour has it that it will also be given its first UK airplay, although that is yet to be confirmed. Still, Kasabian singles have often been given their first play to British audiences by BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, so it’s certainly worth following. Continue reading

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The curious case of Terry Hawkridge

Since a humiliating and heartbreaking FA Cup replay exit at the hands of bitter rivals Grimsby Town, Scunthorpe United FC have barely looked back.

Flip/flop? Terry Hawkridge celebrates his goal in the FA Cup defeat to Grimsby. But he hasn't reached those heights since.

Flip/flop? Terry Hawkridge celebrates his goal in the FA Cup defeat to Grimsby. But he hasn’t reached those heights since.

Having dispensed of manager Brian Laws and replaced him with his assistant Russ Wilcox, The Iron are unbeaten since that dreadful November night, and now sit second in the League Two table with an excellent chance of promotion well within their grasp.

And yet in the midst of this stunning turnaround lies a peculiar twist; the regression of winger Terry Hawkridge, the scorer of United’s goal in that 2-1 cup defeat that spelled the end for Laws. First things first, this isn’t designed to destroy Hawkridge’s reputation; I firmly support any Iron player. But for me, and seemingly many others around me in the Glanford Park stands, Hawkridge’s performances during United’s 16 match unbeaten run have become gradually worse. Continue reading

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Album review: Black Onassis – Desensitized

A while back I wrote an entry about the return to the music scene of former Kasabian man Chris Karloff and his new project Black Onassis. At the end of that article I looked forward to a potential album that was seemingly in the pipeline; that album has now landed in the shape of 13-track record ‘Desensitized’. And it’s an absolute belter.

Right from the start, the title track offers a dark and intriguing taster of what’s to come, with electro-synth riffs and an inventive heartbeat-like drum rhythm.

The entire album is littered with psychedelic hits and trippy sounds that come together to take the listener on a musical journey through what feels like the soundtrack to an imaginary movie. Continue reading

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Kasabian tribute act shine at Winterton Fake Festival

In this bizarre parallel universe in which in I stand, a straw hat spins its way towards my outstretched hand. It has just left the hand of Kasabian’s lead singer Tom Meighan, who continues to bellow his band’s greatest hits to a riotous crowd gathered inside a marquee tent in the middle of a Lincolnshire field.

This all sounds a bit unrealistic. Kasabian are these days more commonly found playing headline shows at Glastonbury or Leeds and Reading. Continue reading

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‘Skint’ provides entertainment… but no answers

As if Scunthorpe doesn’t come in for enough stick, Channel 4 this week saw fit to pile more misery on the town with their documentary ‘Skint’.

It was billed by Channel 4 as: “Brand new four-part observational documentary series, Skint tells provocative and revealing stories from the inside out about how people survive without work.”

However, the farcical scenes broadcast on national television did little to actually address the main issue of why these people were suffering from financial hardship. Instead, we witnessed an hour of belittling and stereotyping that portrayed Scunthorpe in a frankly terrible light.

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