Kasabian Back With A Bang

‘A chaos tune.’

The words of Sergio Pizzorno, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter of rock group Kasabian. That is how he chose to describe the band’s comeback single, Vlad The Impaler. The song was launched on Tuesday 31st March on the band’s official website as a free download for four days, and is the first single from their forthcoming third album, The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

Admittedly, I’ve been extremely excited about this, though a little apprehensive at the same time. The band profess to have been on a ‘psychedelic trip’ whilst recording the new album. I didn’t want them to change too much from the style that has captured my imagination and made them my favourite band.

Today I waited. Patiently, I waited. I refreshed the official Kasabian site endlessly. Waiting. And then, at a little after six o’clock I refreshed again. This time it happened.



Download Now

They were back. I hastily entered my details and begun the download. Never have I been so excited about a single musical release. The experience is even accompanied by a video on the website that plays as you begin your download. It’s a massively cut down version of Vlad, with Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding playing the role of The Impaler. Brief though it is, it gives a compelling insight into the song, and a taster of what to expect.

After what seemed like an age, it finished downloading, and found its way onto my iTunes library.

I played it. At first I was taken aback at the crazy intro. But as it wore on, I got into it. Funky guitar riffs and stomping drum beats, all brought together by the gruff voice of lead singer Tom Meighan. His own raw sound soothed intermittently by Pizzorno’s silky smooth influence. The chorus is one you won’t forget in a hurry. ‘Get loose, get loose. Get loose, get loose.’

A few listens later and my mind is made up. I’m sold. Kasabian are back with a bang.


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Journalism student at the University of Lincoln. Come from Scunthorpe. Interests: Football, music, socialising.
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