Live Review: The Sunshine Underground

The Welly Club in Hull provided the dark, dingy setting for this concert as The Sunshine Underground headed to Yorkshire as part of their UK tour following the release of their second album Nobody’s Coming To Save You.

As the 200 or so loyal fans packed into the dank setting, excitement built despite the dreary surroundings. Often these battered old intimate venues have an uncanny knack or drawing the best from both bands and fans.

Local group The Papershakers ramped up the growing feeling of expectancy with a well performed set that visibly and audibly demonstrated the influence of their heroes The Stone Roses.

Later than planned, at a little after a quarter past 10, The Sunshine Underground emerged onto the tiny stage to a rapturous welcome, and immediately plunged into new album opener Coming To Save You. The acoustics of the venue were good and the delay and distortion effects of the lead guitar were pulsating, but the heavy bass tones seemed to overpower the voice of lead singer Craig Wellington, who soon apologised to the fans as his staff twiddled with switches in a bid to remedy the situation.

Eventually it was corrected and the band performed a few favourites from their debut album Raise The Alarm, before a peformance of latest single In Your Arms. Despite this though, Wellington was clearly struggling, and it was not long before he admitted to the crowd that he was losing his voice, and apologetically announced the decision to chop down the set list “because I can only do a couple more songs before I die”.

The Sunshine Underground: What might have been.

A sense of disappointment was inescapable thereafter as the band performed The Way It Is and closed with Put You In Your Place, as Wellington’s voice eventually slipped away and the band trudged off only 20 or so minutes after arriving on stage.

For the hundreds of fans who soon poured out of the doors and spilled onto the streets of Hull, there was only a feeling of what might have been.

The Set List:

Coming To Save You

Wake Up

Commercial Breakdown

In Your Arms

You Never Party


The Way It Is

Put You In Your Place


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