Kasabian destroy The Dome…

I’ve written gig reviews before. Usually, I tell you what was good and what wasn’t. This time you decide: What was so brilliant about Kasabian at Doncaster Dome?

Was it the way the band nonchalantly strolled on stage to the Jaws theme tune before launching straight into their customary high octane performance, leading with Days Are Forgotten?

Was it that they grabbed everybody’s attention with a familiar opening salvo, and then just as everybody was getting comfortable, threw a curve-ball by playing the first album classic Reason Is Treason, a welcome return to the set list.

Maybe it was the way that the elongated, mystical intro to the sublime I.D. melted into the evening’s proceedings, or the outrageous Clockwork Orange trumpet solo that preceded Take Aim. Or the stunning deployment of the rare B-side Black Whistler, that just for a moment or two silenced an awe-struck audience.

Serge doing his thing.

Perhaps the highlight was Serge asking the local townsfolk: “How are you doing, you Yorkshire puddings?” Or when he volleyed a stray beach ball back out into the crowd mid-set.

Or maybe when Tom Meighan, realising early on just how mad-for-it the crowd were, picked up his mic stand and held it aloft, enticing the public to sing his band’s own songs back to him.

It’s hard to conceive that so much action could take place in one night in what was essentially a sports hall. And yet we haven’t even mentioned the stunning rendition of Fatboy Slim’s Praise You that segued seamlessly and beautifully into the Kasabian favourite L.S.F. Such was the brilliance and boisterousness of the occasion, it’s hardly a surprise that the room was at this point filled with a pink haze as somebody held a smoke flare into the Doncaster night.

L.S.F. complete with smoke flare.

But with their adoring fans on the ropes from the pulsating performance, maybe the peak of the night was the encore; designed surely to finish off a wounded animal. A thumping, energy-sapping hat-trick of heavy hits. Switchblade Smiles, Vlad The Impaler, and Fire. To hold a crowd for such a duration of time is an achievement in itself, and yet to command them as Serge did and have them obey is something else. “I wanna see everyone in this room jumping as high as they fucking can”, he ordered. And jump they did.

An incredible end to a quite remarkable performance. But the entire thing has left me scratching my head… just what was the best bit about it? I can’t decide, but then do I really need to? For me, the entire evening was just one huge highlight.

Were you there? What was your highlight?

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Journalism student at the University of Lincoln. Come from Scunthorpe. Interests: Football, music, socialising.
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2 Responses to Kasabian destroy The Dome…

  1. Hi there my friend!! Thanks for reading my review, I really love yours aswell! Sounds like a similar set although we got British Legion instead of Black Whistler. I see you’re at University? I’m still at college and wondering what steps to take. Are you finding Journalism at University really beneficial? Lets subscribe to each other.

    • cmacd1989 says:

      No worries man, thanks a lot! I finished uni last year actually… I now work in digital marketing and online PR. I did find the Journalism course beneficial, although to be honest it was this blog that really got me my job. If you have an online presence and know how to communicate through social channels, you’ll give yourself a headstart I’d say. Definitely keep blogging, it helps you to get noticed without doubt and it gives people chance to see what you’re about.

      I’ve followed your blog, look forward to seeing more in the future!

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