Kasabian Comeback Single ‘Eez-eh’ Imminent

Kasabian - Eez-eh

Eez-eh. Picture from the Kasabian Instagram account.

The long awaited comeback of Kasabian is imminent, with new single ‘Eez-eh’ set for its premiere tomorrow. After a string of subliminal one-word messages were transmitted by the band across various social media platforms, one thing we can certainly glean from the recent activity is that Kasabian album number five is well on the way.

The messages clearly referred to the titles of the album’s 13 tracks, and it looks as though the lead single will be debuted on Monday. Posts from the Italian radio station, Radio DeeJay, seem to suggest that the track will be unveiled tomorrow. Rumour has it that it will also be given its first UK airplay, although that is yet to be confirmed. Still, Kasabian singles have often been given their first play to British audiences by BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, so it’s certainly worth following.

Ahead of the hugely anticipated 21st June Summer Solstice concert in their home town of Leicester, organised to celebrate the band’s tenth anniversary, a date of the preceding Monday has been set for the album to drop. As a result, we can expect the gig to not only celebrate the last decade of Kasabian, but also to feature the new material.

Eez-eh: What can we expect?

Reviews from Q magazine and the NME have suggested that Eez-eh is a satirical look at modern society, referencing last year’s horsemeat scandal in its lyrics whilst also containing a nod to the overwhelming sense of surveillance on every day life (“we’re being watched by Google”).

It’s also said to contain those trademark Kasabian traits of heavy beats, snarling lyrics from singer Tom Meighan and plenty of catchy riffs.

What about the rest of the album?

The new Kasabian album has been teased gradually over the last few weeks, and from the sneak previews the theme appears to be another up-in-your-face blockbuster. The garish pink and black colour scheme used in the promotional materials gives an indicator to the possible artwork. The band’s logos and website have also been revamped with pink and black colour schemes.

Again, the album will contain the huge anthems that have made Kasabian synonymous with the festival scene, and their closing set at Glastonbury this year will surely see their stock rise even further.

One hotly anticipated track is ‘Bumblebee’, a monster tune that got its name from Sergio’s son, Ennio, who constantly requested that his dad played the ‘buzzy bee’ song to him during its early production phase. Serge has said of the track: “It’s got the flavour of a bank robbery getaway car. Everything drops to barely nothing and then the fucking hand of God slams the floor. It goes ‘click’ and then it’s like, ‘Fuck – get out of the way’. You’ll be able to see the moshpit from space.”

As to an album name, that is yet to be confirmed – although a mysterious video that appeared last week seems to offer further clues. The video, entitled ‘Malted Milk’ contains a heavy synth-driven track, which perhaps offers an exciting insight into the forthcoming material. Serge and Tom are present, dressed in white overalls before smearing pink paint over a wall and etching the number ’48:13′ in black paint.

First thoughts are that this denotes the length of the album, although there is a theory that this may also be the title of the album itself. Either way, the video has proven to be a popular yet frustrating teaser for fans who are eager to hear the first new Kasabian material in over two years.┬áSee the ‘Malted Milk’ video below, which was directed by Aitor Throup, whom the band have worked with previously and has also directed the video for Eez-eh.

Are you looking forward to hearing ‘Eez-eh’ tomorrow? Stay tuned for some thoughts once the track goes live.


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