Kasabian Drop ‘Eez-eh’ and Album Announcement

Kasabian 48:13

New record: The artwork for the new Kasabian album, 48:13

Some Monday, this. If, like me, you were eagerly awaiting the premiere of Kasabian’s comeback single ‘Eez-eh‘, you’ll have been simply ecstatic at the spoils that were forthcoming over the course of the day.

First off, it became apparent that another track from the new Kasabian album, ‘Explodes’, was available for download in Europe, and subsequently surfaced across Twitter. It looks as though many of those links have now disappeared, but having heard the track I can confirm it’s an absolute belter.

It sounds a little like ‘I Hear Voices’, from 2011 album Velociraptor!, the only difference being that Explodes sounds more supercharged. “On and on it goes, till my head explodes” is the refrain, building up to an absolutely barnstormingly filthy finish with thundering drums and scuzzy riffs. If you saw Serge Pizzorno’s appearance in the G-Star Raw Autumn Winter 2013 advert, the backing track is part of the ‘Explodes’ outro.

As if that wasn’t enough, it soon became common knowledge that the Zane Lowe would give ‘Eez-eh’ its first play on British radio on his show from 7pm. This news was quickly followed with an album announcement, which confirmed that the new Kasabian record will be entitled ’48:13′, in reference to its playing time. Tom Meighan has described the album as “stripped back” whilst Serge says it is more “direct” than previous efforts.

And this is reflected in the album’s artwork, which, continuing the recent themes, is simply black text on a fuscia pink background. The cover (pictured right) simply has a list of numbers (the lengths of each track), with ’48:13′ at the bottom.

Email newsletters also confirmed that a UK tour will go on sale on July 1st, with presale codes available to fans who pre-order the album.

Finally, with the excitement whipped up to great heights, Zane Lowe introduced his show with a nostalgic hat-trick of Kasabian tunes (‘Club Foot’, ‘Underdog’ and ‘Shoot The Runner’). By 7:25pm, Tom and Serge were in the studio, and spent some time chatting about the new song before Lowe dropped the track.

What ensued was three minutes of trippy 90s rave inspired music, with catchy lyrics and a monster beat that carries on throughout. It’s an instant foot tapper, and upon its ending, Zane simply said: “One word… again”. Cue a further three minutes of Monday night madness in cars and bedrooms around the country.

The new Kasabian album, 48:13, is released on June 9th. Until then, we’ve got plenty of raving to do with ‘Eez-eh’, which you can enjoy below.

If only all Mondays were this good…


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